4 Facts About APC’s

Keep your business prepared for any power outage by protecting your devices with APC. APC’s rackmount series will safeguard your system and give you enough power to save and protect your data in case of outages. APC’s SMT1500RM2U Smart-UPS System is one of its most popular and dependable rackmount LCD systems. 

1. Output Power Surpasses Most UPS Systems

You can count on the SMT1500RM2U to provide unprecedented power for any kind of application. It has an output power capacity of 1000 watts/1440 VA maximum configurable power. 1000 watts/1440 VA output voltage and 120V efficiency of 97% at full load. Nominal input voltage at 120V with an input frequency of 50/60 HZ +/- 3HZ.

2. Comes With Maintenance-Free Batteries

This APC UPS system comes with maintenance-free batteries, which will give you more extended and dependable power. UPS batteries are lead-acid batteries with suspended electrolytes. These come in leak-proof, durable containers which are safer and more efficient to use, especially for demanding environmental conditions. Battery recharging time is up to 3 hours to full. 

3. Various Device Interfaces Welcome

From PCs to printers and mobile phones to laptops, you can connect your devices and enjoy more extended power and safe use. This APC is one of the most updated with several interface ports, a smart slot, USB slot, and other interfaces. Just make sure that this UPS system is operated from 0 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and with a safety device to get the best performance. 

4. Saves You Thousands Of Dollars 

APC UPS systems will protect your devices from outages, which can destroy data and all valuable information stored in your devices and equipment. No matter what the weather is, you can count on a reliable UPS system to give you the best results. 

Sadly, a large number of companies do not use a UPS to protect their devices. These businesses are placing their precious data and company information at risk. And not only is data lost, but business operations may also be affected and your customers directly and indirectly affected by this predicament as well. 

With reliable UPS systems, you can focus on more essential areas in your company. Find out what UPS systems can do for you by checking out the APC website and requesting a quote.