Fusionex CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh Receives Honorary Fellowship

How was it like to become a recipient of an Honorary Fellowship? A fellowship is one of the highest honors that individuals receive from a group or a society that works together to pursue a mutual practice. Last May 2019, Fusionex Founder and Group CEO, Dato’ Seri Ivan The has been given this honor by the Malaysian Oils Scientists and Technologists Association (MOSTA).

MOSTA gave Fusionex tribute

MOSTA has bestowed Teh this award for his significant contributions to the country’s Palm Oil Industries. The Fusionex Founder and Group CEO happily received this tribute for him at a presentation ceremony. The ceremony was held at the event called “The Future of the Palm Oil Industry” held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tools for the Trade

Teh said occasion held knowledge-sharing assemblies that discussed the digital encoding and innovation moves to undertake for Malaysia’s palm oil industry. They talked about making use of the latest technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 to bring Malaysia’s oil industries to higher grounds.

Setting the Game Plan

In their sessions, Fusionex openly talked about different approaches to revolutionize the palm oil industry of the country. They spoke to over a hundred industry leaders, players, scientists, and researchers about Trade Facilitation, Blockchain, and other very helpful technologies and approaches to jumpstart the palm oil sector to greater heights.

Fusionex Speech

Teh mentioned about being honored and thankful for the conferment award by the Malaysian Oil Scientist and Technologists Association in his speech. Fusionex looks at the palm oil industry as an ever-growing sector with very high potentials. Challenges and opportunities will always be a part of the game, and Fusionex is steadfast in aiding the country’s palm oil industry through the use of effective and efficient know-hows. Fusionex is excited to be working with MOSTA along with the palm oil industry leaders and players. Through this consolidation, they will be able to set a higher bar when it comes to quality, productivity, efficiency that will be a standard for the Malaysian palm oil industry.

Conferment Ceremony

Malaysian Oil Scientists and Technologists Association (MOSTA) President Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Augustine Ong Soon Hock presented the award to Fusionex. Together with them on stage was Malaysian Minister of Primary Industries YB Teresa Kok Suh Sim, who witnessed the conferment. She later gave a crux message for everybody present during the ceremonies.