Why Should You Build With Green Oak?

Whether your latest construction project is a commercial or residential building, you might be quite overwhelmed by the various timber choices available. However, if you are debating on whether or not green oak is a good choice for building your new home, here are some of the benefits of choosing it.

1.    Eco-Friendly Choice : Currently, every sphere of the world is insistent on being environmentally conscious. Therefore, if you are looking for an eco-friendly choice for building your home, you can always count on green oak for the best results.

2.    Dry Build Benefits : Materials such as concrete or plaster often retain moisture, less energy efficient and are not cost-saving. Thanks to green oak, you can count on sound insulation, maintenance of constant temperature, generates less waste and also requires less water during construction. Therefore, it makes very little impact on the environment.

3.    Durability : Timber sourced from green oak is very durable and can guarantee a long-lasting structure. When the frame grows old, it will develop a magnificent patina thus you can count on it looking great the older it gets. Therefore, you will not incur a lot of expenses when doing repairs on the building. However, you can’t say the same for other building materials such as stone or mortar.

4.    Natural Material : It is recommended to let the green oak timber to weather naturally. As such, there is little to no maintenance required when it is used for construction purposes. Most people love the natural hue that takes over as green oak ages. On the other hand, it has a very fast manufacturing process. After going through a few rigorous checks, you can run it through the planer, sand it or add a little finishing and you’re good to go. That’s quite different from other timber materials that require chemical treatment for the best results.