Hot Kitchen Trends For Cornwall

The global pandemic caused renewed interest in the joys of home cooking – and an increased focus on the kitchen as a place to not only create those culinary masterpieces – but also a place of comfort, where family and friends could gather. One may argue that kitchens have always been a focal point of the home – but new design trends are making kitchens in Cornwall even more welcoming and functional than ever before.

So, as we look forward to 2022, what are the design trends that are going to be shaping the kitchen experience in the new year?

One of the clear trends is the use of colours inspired by the natural world. Greens and blues are set to become increasingly popular. A creative approach and more matte colours are also seeing an increase in popularity – that much-vaunted shiny white-inspired sterility seems to be going out of style. That said – green base units when combined with ivory highlights still have a lot to offer. Metallic highlights (bronze or copper) are also seeing a comeback.

Marble, granite or quartz countertops will continue to add a touch of timeless style to kitchen design. That said, sustainability is also the watchword for the modern kitchen Recycled furniture is gaining in popularity and laminate solutions that mimic the natural aesthetic are set to become ever more popular for those who are designing from scratch or remodelling in Cornwall.

New storage options are also replacing the old ‘go-to’ cupboard style favourites. Hidden storage spaces can provide a light and airy feel to the kitchen – without sacrificing functionality. Hanging storage units (suspended from the roof) also seem to be a trend that is going to gather steam in 2022.

The kitchen of 2022 is that combination of functionality and a warm ambiance – that much has not changed, nor will it in the foreseeable future.

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